Structure of the
WINTER.group Holding GmbH
Date: 01.05.2011

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Winter.group Holding GmbH
Mariahilfbergweg 13
92224 Amberg

Phone: +49 (0) 96 21 / 96 00 64 0
E-Mail: info@winter-group.de

Die Winter.group agiert branchen-
übergreifend für mittelständische
Unternehmen mit einem pragma-
tischen Beratungsansatz.



Custom-made pumps for your individual

The WINTER Company builds highly-productive
centrifugal pumps for customers from several
industrial sectors worldwide with almost 100
years knowledge.


60 years knowledge in casting production.

Particularly during the casting procurement for
your enterprise a reliable manufacturer and
supplier is of great importance nowadays.


More than only hot air!

The KRAUSS ventilatory corporation is a long lasting
partner of the graphic arts industry in the ranges of
ventilation and metalconstruction.


The management specialist!

Professional support for management, consulting and